Old men

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What does it take to be an old man?
You would think that all it takes is time, wrong, you need patience


Kansas City, Kansas to get Google high speed network

•March 31, 2011 • 2 Comments

yes, it is true, KCK is now going to get the Google high speed network. The possibilities are amazing!!

We can now use the internet to its full potential, for example:

First we had radio stations then TV stations, now we can have internet stations. Yes that is right we can have a full blown media station that produces content for the internet and can be consumed by all the homes that are connected with a gigabyte network.

How about pairing the high speed network with a fast wireless system and you have a hyper 911 system, imagine all of the police fire and medical services connected to the Hyper 911 anytime you have a fire, your house connects to the Hyper  911 and gives the 911 operator a real time HD presentation of the fire, its exact location in the house and what the temperature is of the other rooms. This real time information is then re-transmitted to the dispatched fire trucks who get real time updates to the fire. (could I use real time any more?)

This scenario works for the police with HD transmission of the criminal act in progress while on its way to the scene.

Medical can transmit real time data and HD video to the hospital for triage while on the way to have the hospital ready by the time the patient gets there.

All of this is just the tip of the ice berg, we haven’t even talked about education, Community groups.

Along with all of this potential, the economic growth will start to snow ball, just the developers alone that want to exploit this gigabyte network who knows.

Man, I cant wait for the future.




Thats why it hurts to wake up

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This is an interesting article on baby boomers.



Communication tools

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As I continue to use my brande new IPad, I discovered that it is outstanding in collecting and presenting information form social networks, news agencies, and blogs. This is great as now I can, hopefully, fully discover what is happening in the world that I am interested in.

I am an Automation Engineer, I design computer systems for industrial machines, and like all technologies, this area grows at an astonishing rate. I can now stay up to date on all the current improvements, technologies, and regulations. There are several philosophies out there on what is automation and each one brings a different method of development that produces different results.

I live in the Kansas City area and here we have over 30 Mom and Pop automation shops along with a couple of SI (System Integrators), I mention this as one of the biggest issues I se with automation development is:

1. A lack of understanding on what a customer needs

2. What the customer can support

3. The Biggie – you do not have to use all the bells and whistles just because you can.

Wow, I did not mean to sideways like that.

Anyway, I have trained my self on almost everything I know about development and I now find that I have access to a lot more data/information than ever before. I am currently reviewing a series of lectures on iTunes U form Berkley the I am using now is on Analysis of Algorithms, man all the crap that I forgot comes flooding back.


To sum up Internet + iPad = good information dissemination.



•March 11, 2011 • 2 Comments

Ok I will be the first to admit I am addicted to stuff. Put a doughnut in front Of me and it will be gone! My besets wife has given me a present, an iPad and I must admit that with this I can inhale content like nothing ever before. I started with a couple of free apps like Flipboard and angry birds, clipboard is a great app however it could use some additional tweaks for instance, with all of the different sources that I can read from it would be nice to have a single location that I could send favorite articles to. This would give a single app/location/spot that I would go to for all of my favorites instead of each source favorites. As I get older it is harder for me to remember where I saw stuff.
As for the angry birds, it is another one of those that will kill several hours for me.


Testing apps on my iPad

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This is a test of the WordPress app

I has me a new iPad

•March 6, 2011 • 28 Comments

Welp, I just purchase an iPad (version 1) and I like it so far, Scoble has it right, the race for the best tablet will be apps. I have downloaded a few free apps and have enjoyed all of them.

I have the Kindle app which allows me to get books from Amazon, which has a large assortment of free books (Heinlein will be read yet again!!).

I can also download collage courses from iTunes U and catch up on the stuff I forgot.

All in all, I enjoy the fact that I can use computers to work and the iPad to read (Flipboard is great).

What I need now is somebody to collect all my interests and let me bookmark and/or share what I read. This would be similar to Daves river of news but on steroids with the options to add indexes and bookmarks.



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