What has happened to…

I have finished reading Scobles blogs and looked at a lot of older blogs from his past. One that caught my eye was an email that he received that started his blogging quest back in double 0. It set me to wonder where I was when I started and how did I get here. It all started back in the days of your. (sorry, wrong beginning), I can remember sitting in front of my TV with a Commodore 64 plugged into the antenna connection and writing my first BASIC program, the thrill I received when it finally worked, the agony I felt when I realized that I did not have any way to save it, (the misses wanted the TV back so the kids would settle down). That was back in the late 70’s. Today I am responsible for the IT growth of a small company, I now blog (occasionally) and I own a iPod!. My cell phone can snap pictures that I can upload to my blog site and my PDA can connect to the Internet so that I can check what the Scoblizer is up to, or where he is travailing to.

I can hardly wait for the next great thing, however I stand in awe of where I have been and what I am capable of with the technology that is available now.

~ by Guy Pelletier on February 1, 2006.

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