I have just seen Scoble’s speech at the Lift Conference, man was I impressed, I have always known that the Internet was a great equalizer,that it will give the unwashed populace the power to topple gods. The subject of Scoble’s talk was corporate blogging and everything he said will proof itself time and time again. When you can have 2 people talking about something that they saw, did, or read; you have the beginnings of force. With blogging we now have those 2 people multiplied by everybody in the world with access to the Internet and can read.

I have been blogging off n on for a year now and mainly to share my family photos with my friends and family, I used to be employed by Certainteed, a manufactor of housing construction materiel. My job, before I left was to implement SAP production recording system for my company. I wanted to use a web based system instead of an Excel based system. This was a difficult mindset change and resulted in a mediocre system with a lot of people frustrated and leaving the company (I now work as an IT director for a small company called Midwest Office technology).

getting back to Robert’s talk, one of the things that he said is that when a new product is exposed to the world (my words, not his), the entire blogging community will now have access to the intimate reviews of that product and it’s performance, advertising has just seen what has happened to Western union, due to the Internet, cheap cell phones and all of the associated technology that surrounds this. Advertisers will need to take this force that is alive in the world today and bow down to it. You can not stop those 2 people from talking and they now have millions of friends.

My efforts to install and improve our (the company I now work for) web image will no longer be just a dynamic web page, but a blogging force following the road map laid out by Scoble.

As for my previous employer, I suggest to the IT powers (Lynn are you reading this?) to follow the same path, You can no longer think that the secrets a company keeps will protect them from harm, but will, instead, expose them to questions them failure.

On a different note, I find it funny that during Robert’s talk, when evere they paned the audiance, all you saw was Apples, As it was stated anybody that blogs should be using an Apple. Currently i use a Dell lattitude C600 that my previous employee gave me as a going away present. I will have look at one of those new Mac Pros to voice my opinions on anything and everything.

For a side job i wrok with a friend of mine and we build house in Kansas City, the Name of the company is Blue sky Homes, his wife has a business called Garage Door Man.


This blogging is just what it takes for me to talk and not annoy my wife and children.

~ by Guy Pelletier on February 4, 2006.

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