Gen Y

I just read the post about Atariboy in Squash, several comments are made of A-listers and commerical entrprise. I am not sure what makes an A-lister, is it about the of posts per day, the number of comments, or the number of views. If any of those are correct then I know that I am not an A-lister as I do not have any of those. This does not mean that I have any more or less to say than anybody else. Atariboy has shot to fame due to his ability to say what alot of people wanted to hear. Scoble’s ability to talk to the masses is based on a sincere effort in communication witj people.

The internet has exploded in the last several years as first a means to communicate between goverment and educational agencies. Then it went commercial (the all mighty dollar is a strong incentive). Alarge portion of the internet today is devoted to making money, porn alone takes up a huge amount of bandwidth.

Blogging is just a viable means of communication that is used to express oneselve in a public forum. Scoble is right, corporations will have to use this or suffer for the lack of it. If Gen Y wants to claim a top billing for blogs read, it is only because all of the engines point that way in on form or another.

As a baby boomer, I will continue to blog, not to make money, (I hope to get hired and do something along the lines of Scobleisem), but to voice my very personal opinion on whatever i want to. If I get a top slot then so be it!

~ by Guy Pelletier on February 9, 2006.

3 Responses to “Gen Y”

  1. Yes, I know, my spelling and grammer are off. I do not care.

  2. A lot of people are so picky about spelling and grammer, I am not sure why that is but they do like to make a big deal out of it whenever they get a chance. I guess we can only let it slide.

  3. inspired blog!

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