As the world turns

Yea, it sounds like a soap opera, but in this case it is what today’s life is all about. Some guy just broke the world’s record for continuous fight; he was sponsored by some rich folks and was able to complete his journey. Another person in Israel has emergency surgery to resolve and intestinal issue that developed because he is in a coma. In Italy we have a large group of people that are performing sports that they enjoy doing in order to be proclaimed the best.

There are people all over this world in various stages of living that are enduring hardships and living the good life. This will always be the case, it is almost like the haves and have nots.
One of the things I found myself doing is to recover from bronchitis that I got from what I suspect was a bunch of snot nosed kids in a movie theater that was showing a movie about 8 dogs left to fend for themselves at the end of the world. The irony is that out of the 8 dogs that started only 6 survive through the skill and intelligence of the main dog.
Well all of this meandering has led me to this point, the world will always turn and people will always behave in a way that will not be expected, even when we want that sameness in our lives.

~ by Guy Pelletier on February 11, 2006.

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