All of the Blog is a stage

OK, today I was surfing around, first with my brandy new BlogMad account, I got bored with that and started to look around for other blogs when i ran across this Clean up on aisle three that looked interesting so I commented (My CoComment did not work) and I even linked to him. As I read his post I found several items that were interesting and that I have been following, First this big kuffual about A-listers and what they do and don’t do, if you check the numbers John and Guy are both correct (Somebody named Guy can’t be wrong) the A-listers do link to each other and all of the listings in the blog search engines indicate that the A’s just talk to themselves.

My problem with all of this stuff is that we have failed to understand the concept of communications:

  1. People will always talk with people of like intrests
  2. That it is easy to argue than to agree
  3. The “A-Listers” are all successful in an internet venture
  4. People want to be a part of the in crowd
  5. A majority of the B through Z listers could not care less about how many hits their sites get, they have their own personal reason for blogging

I have linked to John Scott’s post, because, frankly I could use a couple of hundred bucks and I am interested in seeing how this one develops.

As a side note, I average about 3 to 5 hits a day. Recently i have been getting about 20 hits a day all because of my comments about Robert Scoble’s son post about helping a friend start a new blog and a troll started injecting his arogent ignorance.

Go figure

~ by Guy Pelletier on March 4, 2006.

3 Responses to “All of the Blog is a stage”

  1. I have been using that blogmad when boredom gets to much…and I now have 200 credits…you can see how bored I have got…lol

  2. I think I kinda know why cocomment doesn’t work with blogmad. It’s a different url forwarding thing. You need to open comments in a new window/tab, and then cocomment works..

  3. Thanks Joy, I will try that next time.

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