# Listers beware

First off, this post will have grammer and spelling mistakes, if this bothers you – move on.

Second, I started to blog because I like what the possibilities are with the use of this technology. I get to communicate anything I want to the whole world, all sorts of people have wanted to do this very thing and have spent millions to do so. With this technology I get the opportunity to say stuff and anybody can read it and comment.

I wanted to understand the inner workings of blogging and in my research found several things, one I read a book called Naked Conversations and was impressed with the power of theis personable means of communication, think of it, we used to hate Microsoft just because of the power they held over our love of geekdom, now we tollerate and enjoy the jewels that Microsoft delivers. Lots of peoplei¬†will say it is because of all sorts of things, I say it is becuse Microsoft started to listen to what it’s customers wanted and hated. this was accoumplisehed through blogging.

And lastly, Scoble, has a post that discribes his sorrow over what is happening to Dave Winer, I read the post then all of the comments and you will see several comments trying to comfort Robert and several trying to tell him to dry up, personally I think that Mr. Scoble is suffering from what I like to call famous realisem, the reality that has a person you impact other people because they want to hear what you have to say.

I have not read Dave’s blog yet to get caught up on all of the issues, but I do believe that if anything all of this proofs what all of the ‘AListers’ have bee saying all along – The internet belongs to nobody and everybody, people, being what they are, will use anythingto demonstrate their ability to talk or argue about anything, irregardless if they know what they are talking about or not.

Blogging is a means of communicating between one individual and the whole world, this planet we live on has a vast array of people types on it and every one of them is an expert at his or hers own delusions of what they know, given this we must expect the very best of posts from the most unusual places.

We must also expect that the mob of “I want to be heard but don’t know nothing, so I will yell at people who appear to know something” people will express their arrogant ignorance.

Dave, live life and move on. Robert, you are who you are.

Remember that Today is the furture’s past!

~ by Guy Pelletier on March 16, 2006.

3 Responses to “# Listers beware”

  1. I find blogging fascinating and narcissistic (and loving every minute of it)… the connections I’ve found are in some ways illusionary as no one in my offline life blogs or communicates with me online, therefore there’s no connection (at least not yet), but still there’s benefit for me… as for Microsoft, I wish they’d at least create a browser that would not crash so regularly… if they were making cars, they’d be sued out of business in no time…

  2. very interesting points.

  3. Blog on……….have a great week!!

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