What’s important

Scoble has just announced that will be leaving Microsoft and going to PodTech.net, some of the reasons he gives for this is family. I could not agree more. I do not mean that Scoble needs to move, I will miss the insights into MS, he is correct in making life decisions based on your family and the life you have around that existance.

I am still unemployed and have been considering employment that would require a relocation. i do not have a problem with traveling and would be more than happy to travel for whatever company I end up with. The thing that I like is I can always go back to see my grandkids.

Latly children and grand children have become very important to me, I want to be more a part of their lives in every since possible.

I will continue to look for work but I think I will see if I can stay in Kansas City

~ by Guy Pelletier on June 11, 2006.

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