Web 2.0, New Internet, Frothy

Today I am reading a bunch of blogs and articles about Web 2.0 and how all of this along with public gatherings are coming up to discuss what it is to be Web 2.0.

I have been on the Internet since way back, during the time of gopher and non commercialism. What I have seen is the Internet has become a Mecca to profiteers in it’s ability to extract funds from anybody that was willing to spend money. Over the years, given that the Internet is world wide and nearly instantaneous, the Internet has developed the technology that is used to improve not the exchange of ideas, but the extraction of money from those looking for an easy way.

With the onslaught of web based programing we have improved the technology that is available to utilize the Internet and become more user friendly so that more funds can be extracted. Just as in the industrial market, you have to improve the tools you use in order to stay ahead, with the Internet we can exploit the technology cheaply in ordered to develop a product or service that we can sell and make a bucket of money.

Web 2.0 is just another improvement that is used to build a better Internet product so that more people will buy stuff.

~ by Guy Pelletier on September 3, 2006.

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