Communication is the active exchange of ideas. With the technology we have today, this is accomplished faster and in more formats than ever before.

You can exchange ideas throuogh the written word (Books, letters, and snail mail)

We have the entertainment media (Radio, and television)

The Internet (web site, blogs RSS feeds, wikis, and forums to name a few)

The problem becomes one of speed and expense. With the Internet you can perform any of the ones I tested for little or no money (WordPress, WikiMedia, Google Reader, and PhpBB)

I find it fasinating that we can now use something that with the impact of instant communications with very little expense and training.

Example, I have read several news and blogs about the small aircraft that crashed into an apartment building in New York. I saw this minutes after it occurred.

I could see video of it shortly after notification. This is what communications is supposed to be, the un-varnished truth that is presented in as close to real time as possible.


~ by Guy Pelletier on October 12, 2006.

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