Did you hear the latest about Scoble?

Scoble has a problem and I agree with him on this. If you read his post and all of the comments and then check out all of the original posts and email that started it you will soon see that several things are accuring.

1. A lot of people assume that Roberts is asking for money, when he was not

2. The main point that set off Robert (as I see it) is the Podcampers made public a negotiation that was in its infancy.

3. That the fire storm that followed was based on the assumptions of the poster and his interpretation of what the NYC Podcampers where doing.

4. If you want somebody to talk in front of a bunch of people, ask them first then go public with it

5. The internet is the fastest way to get yourselve into deep doo-doo.

~ by Guy Pelletier on November 29, 2006.

2 Responses to “Did you hear the latest about Scoble?”

  1. It also goes to show that if you tell two different versions of the same story to two different people, you are going make one of them mad. The guy was emailing robert and being all nice to him and then talking smack on him to his group. that’s bad karma.

  2. Not only bad karma but stupid when done on a blog. Everybody will see the duplicity.

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