So, Here we are

I am still working under a contract, I have had a offer but that was retracted because the project I was hired for got canceled. That seems to be a theme across the board, everybody is excited to hire me but then loses the project, if I was parinoid I would think that it was me!

This weekned I visited some old friends in Kansas, had a good time except for the fold out couch. I must be getting old and cranky.

Did not see the Chiefs or the Rams play, pretty sure the Chiefs lost and will not be going to the play offs, I will have to look at the Rams.

Waiting for phone calls on job interviews, what a bummer.

See ya next time in the the funny papers!



OK Kansas City won, this is what it looks like: (Information from NFL.Com)


San Diego has clinched division title and first-round bye.

San Diego can clinch home-field advantage with:

1) SD win or tie, OR
2) BAL loss or tie

Denver clinches a playoff berth with:

1) DEN win or tie, OR
2) KC loss or tie

Kansas City clinches a playoff berth with:

1) KC win + CIN loss or tie + DEN loss + TEN loss or tie

KC might still have a chance, imagine that. here is how St. Louis Rams stand: (Information from NFL.Com)


Seattle has clinched division title.

St. Louis can clinch playoff berth with:

1) STL win + NYG loss or tie + CAR loss or tie + ATL loss or tie, OR
2) STL tie + NYG loss + CAR loss + ATL loss + GB loss

~ by Guy Pelletier on December 26, 2006.

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