Communication is not only the process of sharing information. Communication processes are in most cases sign-mediated interactions which are governed by three levels of semiotic rules: Syntactic, pragmatic and semantic. Therefore, communication is a kind of social interaction where at least two interacting agents share a common set of signs and a common set of semiotic rules. In a simplistic form, information is sent from a sender or encoder to a receiver or decoder. In a more complex form feedback links a sender to a receiver. This requires a symbolic activity, sometimes via a language. Communication development is the development of processes enabling one to understand what others say(or sign, or write) and speak(or sign, or write), translate sounds and symbols into meaning and learn the syntax of the language. Communication is based on the idea of respect, promises and the want for social improvement” .

Or put simply, communication is the ability to exchange ideas between two individuals or groups. As human beings, the ability to communicate is essential for our existence. ( I am not an expert, this is from my own observations), We have used a variety of media to communicate with each other. Talking, art, signage, and technology.

Technology is a passion of mine, I am the happiest when I am tinkering with some electronic do-dad that has electricity going in and knowledge coming out. Recently (the last 5 or 6 years) I have been enthralled with the Internet, no actually I have been excited with the Internet since the early 80’s (remember Gophers) it is just recently my life has allowed me to fully indulge into what he Internet has to offer. One of the things I notice is that a technology break thru will develop and everybody will get excited and want it to perform better, we will se incremental improvements until we see another break thru, when the process starts over.

Recently in reading I noticed that with hi strip with Edwards, that blogging not only come of age as a social media,but it is a major communication break thru for anybody to use. Yes, you have to have an Internet connection, a computer, and be able to read and write, however the first item is quickly becoming easy to gain, computers are getting cheaper every day, and the ability to read and will always be a problem, but should be improving as more and more people tell the movers and shakers what they want.

With blogging we not only get a 2 way dialog between the author and reader, we get an open forum that anybody can participate in with waiting to be heard or losing they place. We also get a permanate record of what was said, asked , and answered.

of PodTech had a phone conversation with  about his experience with Edwards on the trail and what Robert states is that with blogging and transparencies the regular voter and citizen now has a look into not only the process but sees how this candidate deals with the moment to moment stuff.

Communication, as we learn how to use the tools we have available, they will be less misunderstanding and more results from any public person. This can only make things better.



~ by Guy Pelletier on December 29, 2006.

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