Scoble and Edwards, Day 2

One of todays post from Scoble, shows what Robert is doing. If you read is blog for the last couple of days, you will see that Robert is on the campaign trail with Edwards. During this adventure Robert is blogging about the experience and not about the politics. I was concerned that when Scoble started on this trip, he would be sucked into all that is unholy – Politics, instead, he is doing what Scoble does best, he is giving another eye to a process with a view of the technology involved. This is great not because we have more exposure to politicians, but we see the continuing growth and power that comes from invisibility to the masses. Politics has noticed the blogoshere in a big way and will use it to their advantage. What they don’t yet understand is the absolute power this now gives people who want to know why or why not. As we have seen time and time again, the blog will make you honest or it will shut you down.

All of the politicians out there that want to use this as they have used the regular news media, be warned, every word you or you writer puts in a blog will be questioned and then ripped apart in order to find the truth. This will then stay exposed for all time and haunt you when you least expect it.

Robert , as I have stated in my comment, I should have faith in your passion for technology and not in the corruption of politics.


~ by Guy Pelletier on December 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Scoble and Edwards, Day 2”

  1. Hi Guy …Just read today’s comment by you at Scoble’s joint. It’s more well-rounded than some of the other techi loyalists at his blog. ConvergeSouth was an exciting, neighborly conference where I met Scoble and his wife briefly and Mrs. Edwards who spoke as keynote. That’s where they met for the first time as well. For the Edwards’ campaign to reach-out to Scoble, a core blogger, in this way is exhilarating. He’s in a fascinating observational position for the readership of citizen journalism and I wish other Scoble readers would absorb that. The bitching on his “too much politics” is short sided. Maybe I should exhale this at my own place! Thanks again for sharing your remarks…Jill at

  2. […] I agree with Guy Pelletier. […]

  3. Jill,
    Thanks for the comments, I hope that this venture will open up other avenues with blogging. Robert has done a lot with business and now starting with politics. This trend should continue so that blogging is just as common as the phone.


  4. Guy – Thanks for talking about it. Wishing you an awesome 2007, Jill F.

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