Ethics in a 15 year old Blogger

Yuvi of YuviSense has written a post that show what this kid is made of. If you do not know him, he has developed a program that will anaylis a blog and generate a ton of stats from that data. He has done with Scoble’s blog and has given some really interesting stats from Roberts blog.

He (Yuvi) has been asked to share his program (me included) and his post today explains why he does not want to. He is concerned that his program will be used to generate splogs!

Can you believe this kid, he has the ability to write a program that will generate stats from a blog and show those reults with a sophisticted analysis.

The more I read and see form Yuvi the I am flabergasted about what he is capable of.

One of the things he wants is a camera, I do not have the resources to provide him with one, if anybody tnat reads this can …

Yuvi, you are not only well on your way to a great career, but a full life also.


~ by Guy Pelletier on January 1, 2007.

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  1. Thanks!

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