It has to Work!

Scoblehas a couple of post about Microsoft and Apple. There is a lot of descussion about what is better and why are we bashing, Robert’s son’s Mac Pro broke, and when he went to the store to get it fixed, they said it would take a week or two, the second post is why bash Microsoft and not Nokia.

This second post is about Microsoft giving away free laptops with Vista on them.

First I don’t use Mac because everything I read says it costs more and there are a lot more failures (you do the Google)I have a Dell latitude D600 and it works great, along with my Windows XP SP/2. I did, for a month use Vista, it worked great. The drivers for all of my other software did not. I am going to wait until the rest of the world catches up.

As far as the second post, Microsoft is listening to what people are sying, they retracted the free laptops when everybody got up in arms about it.

That says something.

Long story short, when I buy something, I do not care how long the warranty is, is does me no good (bad english) to have something I have to keep sending back to the shop. I want to buy it, then use it.

 As an aside, the comments on Scobles blog are getting a little strange, we still have a lot of quality comments both for and against, but we are seeing more trolls.


Update: Now they can keep the Laptops.

~ by Guy Pelletier on January 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “It has to Work!”

  1. I have been also reading the comments on Scobles site on these articles and am bewildered by some of the responses. When I see people not discussing an issue but personally attacking an individual or resorting to crass commentary as if that is a form of debate or discourse then it is pretty troublesome to me (insert shameless plug for my blog posting on this 😉
    Enjoyed reading your comments though and rebuttals.
    Keep it up

  2. Thanks Michael,
    I looked at your site and subscribed, I develop Shareporint site for small businesses and I found your blog very insightful


  3. Just saw your comment and responded as well. Glad to hear you found the site useful. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to make sure I cover.

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