Hey, I’m a Sycophant!

Robert Scoble has a post about Dell’s posting with an apology. Robert tends to get a bunch of people all riled up because of his believe that blogging will is the new communication media.

As usual, there are several people with rants against Scoble him self:

  • Oh look, it’s that time of the year, Robert’s getting whiny again. I thought it had been a while.Dude, stop being a prat, and just admit that in your world, if a company isn’t blogging about everything, then they aren’t communicating. You don’t care if they DO anything, they just have to BLOG about it as if they were.

    Here’s a great example: I bet you just think the Port 25 blogs are the coolest things ever. “Microsoft is blogging and having a conversation with the open source community”

    This started up in March of this year. Conversations man, conversations.

    The big “agreement with Sun was in what, 2004? What has MICROSOFT released since then to make integrating with Solaris as easy as pie?

    It’s easy: Not a (profanity) thing.

    See dude, you’re so wrapped around the idea that “conversation is the same as results” that you’re incapable of seeing that it’s all bullshit. Port 25? Microsoft *as a company* has not changed its stance towards Linux or open source one bit. In fact, since the much-ballyhooed Novell Agreement, it’s probably gotten worse, with Ballmer making vague threats to sue everyone not using Suse.

    That’s a part of your “great blogging legacy” dude. You made it easier for companies to let people blog and let “conversation” take the place of “results”.

    “We don’t actually have to DO anything for interop, we can just blog about it, make a few smoke and mirrors bullshit announcements every two years, and then Scoble and all the rest will do our work for us. Hell, him leaving was fantastic. He still gives us as much great PR as ever, and we don’t have to pay him anymore. Sweet!”

    You can whine and bitch all you want Robert, but the fact is, a BLOG is not the same as a FIX to a problem, or a PRODUCT.

    Oh yeah, and dude, you really, really, really suck at the whole strawman thing. Just stop. really.

    Comment by John C. Welch — January 4, 2007 @ 8:19 am

 (profanity removed by me)

As you can see John does not agree.

I posted a rebuttal to John’s post:

Dell has posted about what they are doing to fix thier issues, this will lead to better service. You people love to ripp into anybody that is:
1. Popular ( A-lister)
2. Has an Opinion
3. Thinks differently than you.

Who cares why Robert does his post, it has accomplished what he wanted. You folks are now talking about it and it will spread. Apple does not have an avenue that I can interact with, Dell does.


Comment by Guy Pelletier — January 4, 2007 @ 8:33 am

And the comments continue, John posted another comment in reply to my rebuttal, I then replied again.

Now, the fun part comes when Podesta makes a comment @26:

  • Robert, you said:“Well, let’s see, in the past 12 months I’ve been in 140 newspapers worldwide, the Economist, BBC, and BusinessWeek is calling today.”

    When I was a reporter for the Associated Press, I was in thousands of papers each month. BUT, I had enough sense to know that what was important was any useful information I conveyed, not me. Ditto for when I was among the top one hundred bloggers a couple years ago. Your lack of judgment is amazing. The same is true of people you impress, like that sycophant Guy Pelletier. They are a vacuous lot.

    And, what’s with this?

    “Or, in a store, I can only help one person every 15 minutes or so at the Genius Bar.”

    Just a couple comments ago you said Apple had nothing to do with this thread.

    Comment by Podesta — January 4, 2007 @ 4:30 pm

Did you see it? Podesta feels that I am a sycophant. I had to look it up:

Sycophant (Gr. συκοφάντης), in ancient Greece was the counterpart of the Roman delator, a public informer.

According to ancient authorities, the word (derived by them from συκο suko, “fig”, and φανης fanēs, “to show”) meant one who informed against another for exporting figs (which was forbidden by law) or for stealing the fruit of the sacred fig-trees, whether in time of famine or on any other occasion. [citation needed] The Oxford English Dictionary, however, states that this explanation, though common, “cannot be substantiated”, and suggests that it may refer instead to the insulting gesture of “making a fig” or to an obscene alternate meaning for “fig”.

Another old explanation was that fines and taxes were at one time paid in figs, wine and oil, and those who collected such payments in kind were often called sycophants because they publicly handed them in. [citation needed]

In modern English, the term has come to mean one who seeks to please people in positions of authority or influence in order to gain power themselves, usually at the cost of pride, principles, and peer respect. However, in modern Greek, the term has retained its ancient classical meaning, and is still used to describe a slanderer or a calumniator.

This usage is demonstrated in the movie A Christmas Story wherein the bully’s companion (a weakling) is shown to be nothing more than a toady and therefor subject to the whim of the bully (which he, the toady, nonetheless serves up). The toady demonstrates no will of his own and is totally committed to serving the bully’s every desire so as gain further favor from the bully.

A popular synonym for the English term is “toady” or “toadying”, derived from the term “toad eater”.[citation needed]

[from wikipedia]

We have to assume that Podesta is refering to the meaning of one who seeks to please people in positions of power in order to power.

Wow,  what power does Robert have that I want? It must be that Robert is a Blogging A lister and I want to increase my rating to an A lister.

If this is the case, I not doing it right because my average rviews per day is 6.

Maybe Podesta feels this way because I agree with Scoble alot. Welp then I still don’t get where I am getting the power from, and again if it is for blogging status, i must be doing it wrong.

I know, I will ask my hero Robert to guild me in my blogging efforts so that I can become the A lister of all Alisters then maybe Podesta will be Sycophant with me!!

Or maybe Podesta can just leave the name calling out, read the comments and have a civilized dialog.

Guy the Sycophant

~ by Guy Pelletier on January 5, 2007.

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