The Perfect Pocket Gizmo

With Apple’s anouncement about the iPhone, I thought, what would I want in a pocket digital device, here is my specs:

  1. Cell phone (Worldwide capable with satilite add-on)
  2. GPS with screen shows real time
  3. Memory, enough to hold everything, starting at 60 GB
  4. Mini computer, able to read/write to all file types typically used. Witout conversion
  5. Video player, able to play a 2 hour movie with enough life left in it to last 8 hours
  6. Music player (Yep, like iPod)
  7. Camera, at least 5 megapixel
  8. Battery life to last at least an 8 hour day without loss of any function, hot swappable batteries and fast recharge.
  9. Small size, it has to fit in my pants pocket comfortably
  10. Wifi, Bluetooth, and any other connection capability that will complete my calls and get me connected to the internet and my intranet
  11. intuitive user interface, it has to be easy to use
  12. Built to last, I should be able to drop it while standing and not cause anymore damge thatn a scratch on the case.

Yes I know this is a dream list, however we have been seeing all of these things in seperate devices, now we just have to put them together.


~ by Guy Pelletier on January 10, 2007.

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