The Mrs is on Vacation

Welp, the Mrs has gone to North Carolina to visit an old friend, I have to hold down the fort, feed the cats and bring home the bacon.

At least I can watch TV in my underware.

I noticed that Scoble had John Welch over for a visit, and John blogged about it. Robert has a habit of inviting the people that bust his chops the most then hires them.

The problem then is after Robert hires all of these nemesis, who is going to keep Robert standing straight and true?

John did mention that Robert was a nice guy and should blog more as Robert and not so much as Scobilizer.

I have to finish up this Business Intellegence gathering system and then on to my next great adventure in paying baills.


~ by Guy Pelletier on January 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Mrs is on Vacation”

  1. LMAO…no worries about Robert hiring me. I’m not…hmm…well, cranky old phart IT managers aren’t the people you want doing interviews for PodTech.

    Besides, Cali’s scary. The ground moves way too much, and then the flaming mud comes.

  2. You would be surprised about what a cranky old phart IT manager can get to do.
    I agree about Arnold land, way too much nature that is angry.


  3. Ew you dont want to be sitting round the house in your underwear 🙂

  4. Rey,
    Why not, it’s that feeling of freedom that you get.


  5. Well ill take your word for it 🙂

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