Scoble, say it isn’t so!!

 Robert, what happened, your post on isgone. Did you let them scare you off? Tell me it isn’t so!!

I want to believe that this is all a mistake,

what happened to keeping the conversation?

You even got rid of the comments where they were making a statement

I am disappointed



The Death of the Blogosphere OR Who’s Killing the Cuppy’s Java Jo’z Blog Dialogue?

sean | January 26th 2007 – 09:56
Posted in Insider Tips, BUYER BEWARE

The blogosphere once seemed like a such promising forum for honest and open dialogue, exchange of information and ideas, and a place to bring troubling issues out into the open where they could be addressed in the light of day. Perhaps that’s a fantasy… Perhaps meaningful dialogue can be easily killed and unpleasant blog posts easily “disappeared.”

For instance, Robert Scoble, respected tech blogger and publisher of Scobleizer, posted an account of how his brother Ben had allegedly paid a company called Java Jo’z a deposit of $30,000 for a franchise and could not get it returned. Posts on three Scoble brother blogs set off a torrent of posts and debate, with other alleged victims coming forward with their stories. Several of these (alleged) victims alleged that the company merely changed its name from Java Jo’z to Cuppy’s Coffee & More, with the same employees, office, etc. at least in part to get out of obligations and debts incurred when called Java Jo’z. The company vehemently contended that it was an entirely new company, and threatened at least one blogger (me) with legal action if represented otherwise.

A lively debate ensued, taking place, in large part, on the franchise portal Blue MauMau and on a number of private blogs.

But then odd things started happening. Like a classic movie murder mystery, blog posts started getting killed off.

The Death of Dialogue.

The original Scobleizer post vanished without an explanation.

Ben Scoble’s blog (and perhaps Ben) was disappeared and in its place was a lobotomized post recanting all prior concerns and singing the Cuppy’s company song… in a writing style not evenly remotely Ben’s. (

Alex Scoble’s posts on his site have been replaced with “NOT FOUND The requested URL /notes/2007/01/why_java_joz_pr.html was not found on this server.” And there’s the post (Cuppy’s Is New Company, Not Java Jo’z) that says “Let’s cut Cuppy’s some slack now.” Huh?

At, outraged posts by another who had deposited tens of thousands of dollar with Java Jo’z have been replaced with posts on visits to the circus.

A Cuppy’s franchisee’s web page that referred to Cuppy’s being formerly Java Jo’z was also disappeared… perhaps by Col. Mustard… in the parlor… with the candleabra.

And then came the flood of happy happy Cuppy’s blogs and comments:

Negative blog comments were then swept away from search engine prominence by the warm waves of I Love Cuppy’s posts that appeared on sites like Cuppy’s LiveJournal, Cuppy’s Xanga

Then came the nasty comments:

Anonymous comments were posted on and FranBest.Com accusing attorney Paul Steinberg (who had commented on the Cuppy’s/Java Jo’z connection on Blue Mau Mau) of having lawsuits, tax liens, judgements against him… using references that were in fact against a different Paul Steinberg.

BlueMauMau coincidentally began having major technical difficulties, their servers inexplicably were being overloaded.

Who will be next?

Some remaining posts wait around nervously, hoping they won’t be next. Which will it be?

Franchise Pundit:  When Blogs Attack… Cuppy’s Coffee & Java Jo’z 

FranBest.Com: Java Jo’z, Emerald Coast Mfgr., Roy Snowden?

Company Says Java Jo’z is NOT Cuppy’s Coffee & More?
Franchisor Marketing’s: Java Jo’z Coffee Franchise Blogs to Top Google Position
Steve’s Bitter Java Blog? Review of Java Jo’z?

Blue MauMau: Java Jo’z Controversy Gaining Attention Via Blogs?

The Death of the Blogosphere

It’s really the vitality and the potential for honest dialogue for whom this bell tolls.

When voices as influential as the Scoble’s are this effectively silenced, what hope is there for the rest us?

Source: Franchise Pick – The Death of the Blogosphere OR Who’s Killing the Cuppy’s Java Jo’z Blog Dialogue?

~ by Guy Pelletier on January 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “Scoble, say it isn’t so!!”

  1. […] Scoble, say it isn’t so!! […]

  2. I can’t comment on this issue, sorry.

  3. If I were Scoble, I would be nervous too.

    Forget about any threat of lawsuit, etc… Just look at how the BlueMauMau site has been effectively paralyzed this past week. It was hacked, and I had some of my postings deleted. On Friday (Jan 26) one of my comments relating to payola was deleted after being on the site for just a few minutes.

    This would tend to suggest malicous software which is enabling someone to control the website remotely.

    You will notice that Dale Nabors (who has finally admitted that he has been speaking with Cuppy’s about selling his software package to Cuppy’s franchisees) posts frequently and claims he has never seen any posts deleted– well, all of his posts are still up. He’s about the only one posting now, and it is one long defense of Cuppy’s. For someone selling a software package, he seems singularly disinterested in Internet security.

    Speaking of Internet experts: I got a threatening phone call from a John Dozier in Glen Allen VA (hmm… isn’t that near Scoble?) who threatened me with a lawsuit. Dozier claims he is an Internet expert on his website and brags about how many people he has sued.

    Perhaps John Dozier ( knows the truth of the old saying “Beware of Geeks bearing .gifs”— well, that’s good advice for us all, including webmasters, franchisees using franchisor-mandated software, and bloggers who say things that companies don’t want said.

    Well, as Ben Scoble might say… I’ve said too much already.

  4. Paul,
    You know that blogging is starting to become mainstream when the lawsuits start.


  5. Roy Snowden is back in court, this time as a plaintiff.

    SNOWDEN et al v. JOHNSON & JOHNSON et al

    Case Number: 3:2010cv03510
    Filed: July 8, 2010

    Court: New Jersey District Court
    Office: Trenton Office [ Court Info ]
    County: Middlesex
    Presiding Judge: Joel A. Pisano
    Referring Judge: Tonianne J. Bongiovanni

    Nature of Suit: Torts – Injury – Personal Injury- Product Liability
    Cause: 28:1332
    Jurisdiction: Diversity
    Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

    Roy was actually the Grandaddy of the Cuppy’s debacle, as he was the founder of predecessor Java Jo’z.
    Roy Snowden’s house is now valued by Zillow at $847,000, a drop of $1.5M from the asking price 2 years earlier. Actually, Zillow put the value at $1.5M 2 yrs ago.

    Roy Snowden is still a guest at Club Fed in Orlando and will be until 10-22-10 for tax fraud.


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