Credibility is the believability of a statement, action, or source, and the propensity of the observer to believe that statement.

In public speaking, Aristotle considered the credibility of the speaker, his character, to be one of the forms of proof. Contemporary social science research has generally found that there are several dimensions of credibility. Berlo and Lemert (1961) noted three: competence, trustworthiness and dynamism.

Credibility online has become an important topic since 1999, as the web is increasingly an information resource. The Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University has studied web credibility and outlined the principal components of online credibility and a general theory called Prominence-Interpretation Theory. This theory applies generally to credibility assessments.

According to the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics, professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalists credibility.See Preamble

 Taken from Wikipedia

Over the last several days Scoble has been taking a lot of flack about his credibility. Starting with his post : and up to today with

Now we all know that there are a few snarkers that use Robert’s blog just to hear themselves and alot of comments that want to be a part of something that is global and personal. me personally, I am just a Sychophant.

The think that I noticed is that Scoble in these 24 post he has over 1000 comments. If he is not credable what are all those people doing commenting on his site. Maybe they figure that if they tell Robert he is wrong enough, he will invite them over for dinner.



~ by Guy Pelletier on January 30, 2007.

One Response to “Credibility”

  1. “If he is not credable what are all those people doing commenting on his site.”

    Most commenters put their website url, hoping to get a click back. Not just that, I suppose a number of them haven’t checked the corresponding html source code which clearly shows that WordPress “nofollows” those links. Hence no Google juice, that’s a waste of time in practice.

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