Airports, 120 VAC

I am sitting at O’Hara airport with my laptop, Moto Q, and iPod. What I need is power because American Airlines has delayed my flight back to Kansas City. It is amazing that with such a large business population, there are not many electrical outlets available for use by the general population.

I could spend $50.00 on an Admirals pass for the day, or use one of few outlet station I found in the K terminal.

The first is an expensive way to power up my toys business tools he second is too few and far away.

The military has just announce they will give 1 million dollars to anybody a an figure out a way to power up all of the soldiers equipment.

I will offer $10.00 (its what I can afford) for a way to power up my business tools 😉


~ by Guy Pelletier on July 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Airports, 120 VAC”

  1. I would give an arm to get rid of all the wires I need to power up and connect.

  2. No kidding, anytime I get to an airport it’s a fight to obtain an outlet

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