The Perfect Web office equipment

I find myself on the road allot now-a-days and I wonder wat would I need to get the job done so that I could use road time effectively. The equipment u se the most are my laptop, cell phone, and the Internet (yes, I know it’s not equipment but it is essential).

So what if some bright kid developed a laptop with a built in removal cell phone that would connect to the Internet, ether inserted into the laptop or through Bluetooth when separated. You could have a Bluetooth headphone that would give the computer voice commands and use with the phone.

this computer would be small enough to carry and large enough to be functional. all of the devices in the laptop would be swap able depending on your environment and needs.

Given that everything (the headphones would attach or insert for storage or charging) is a part of the laptop, all equipment would use a single charger reducing what you would have to carry.

Hopefully some genius will read this and I can get one next year.



~ by Guy Pelletier on October 18, 2007.

One Response to “The Perfect Web office equipment”

  1. I’m pretty much sure that I do not want either of these as a career

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