sitting in a plant killing time with a hammer

hello out there in blog world, I am current at customers babysitting an upgrade installation, waiting for them to test my equipment so  I can leave.

man am I bored out of my skull.

With micro blogging and phones that blog, netbooks all that wonderful crap out there to socially interact with people I never seen or met, you would think that i had something better to do to keep my mind occupied. Guess not. I am also working on a document control/management system that i have in codeplex.

I have developed a cheap easy program to store movie database for all of my DVDs.

I need a massive portable storage device (over 1 TB) that i can store all of my data on. It is amazing how much data you find yourselve needing to carry around with you. One of my projects is to scan all of my old pictures, documents and stuff of that nature and store it to a web based storage and DVDs.


Welp, I done meandering  see you all later




~ by Guy Pelletier on August 7, 2008.

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