New job challenges in the White House

Howdy, yes i know, it’s been awhile. Anyway. This article is interesting to me for several reasons: 1. I not a fan of politics or politicians, however this Obama fellow is creating a stir, everywhere I look, i find another new web page or YouTube reference to him and it is usually from him.

2nd, his inauguration was something to compare with the first landing on the moon, wow it was the first time I was hooked into the entire hoopla that goes with a new president.

3rd, this article brings to light several things if you think about it – our government has been governed by a bunch of old farts, (I am 51 years myself) I mean you would think that they would be using the latest and greatest. I was thinking that if anybody had the greatest IT department, it would be the white house.

Obama is working on exposing his decision making process and keeping out of the bubble (as much as a US president can). I wonder if he will develop a new cabinet member – IT 🙂


New job challenges in the White House

~ by Guy Pelletier on January 25, 2009.

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