The Internet Experience

The internet was originally designed as a means to exchange data for different kinds of folks. Since then some bright boy has decided to make the internet accessible to the masses and as with every new media it was and is exploited. The very first thing that occurred was advertising (Google), and porn.

We are now seeing technology driven by the requirements of the internet, we now have cloud space, netbooks, and a vast collection of hyper link stuff that anybody with a connection can use.

All of this is typical to how we, as humans, tend to think and flock, we have an opportunity to communicate with folks, we will use it as fits our personal needs. I for one enjoy the internet tremendously a lot of it due to reading Scoble.

The current offerings make the internet 3 dimensional, it needs to display information, allow user input and collect/store data.

With all of what is available today we have all three dimensions.



~ by Guy Pelletier on May 16, 2009.

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