Ok I will be the first to admit I am addicted to stuff. Put a doughnut in front Of me and it will be gone! My besets wife has given me a present, an iPad and I must admit that with this I can inhale content like nothing ever before. I started with a couple of free apps like Flipboard and angry birds, clipboard is a great app however it could use some additional tweaks for instance, with all of the different sources that I can read from it would be nice to have a single location that I could send favorite articles to. This would give a single app/location/spot that I would go to for all of my favorites instead of each source favorites. As I get older it is harder for me to remember where I saw stuff.
As for the angry birds, it is another one of those that will kill several hours for me.


~ by Guy Pelletier on March 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. I hear you My Brother. I am currently addicted to RoboZZle. Recursive programming Game! Aaaargh!

  2. I checked RoboZZLe and yes it is another evil attempt to suck the time I have into pursuing meaningless fun.

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