Communication tools

As I continue to use my brande new IPad, I discovered that it is outstanding in collecting and presenting information form social networks, news agencies, and blogs. This is great as now I can, hopefully, fully discover what is happening in the world that I am interested in.

I am an Automation Engineer, I design computer systems for industrial machines, and like all technologies, this area grows at an astonishing rate. I can now stay up to date on all the current improvements, technologies, and regulations. There are several philosophies out there on what is automation and each one brings a different method of development that produces different results.

I live in the Kansas City area and here we have over 30 Mom and Pop automation shops along with a couple of SI (System Integrators), I mention this as one of the biggest issues I se with automation development is:

1. A lack of understanding on what a customer needs

2. What the customer can support

3. The Biggie – you do not have to use all the bells and whistles just because you can.

Wow, I did not mean to sideways like that.

Anyway, I have trained my self on almost everything I know about development and I now find that I have access to a lot more data/information than ever before. I am currently reviewing a series of lectures on iTunes U form Berkley the I am using now is on Analysis of Algorithms, man all the crap that I forgot comes flooding back.


To sum up Internet + iPad = good information dissemination.


~ by Guy Pelletier on March 13, 2011.

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